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More than just a bag

Often, owners of luggage become attached to a piece that has accompanied them through the years. Weeks of being slung from place to place may leave a valuable bag battered and bruised.


Our luggage care specialists recognize the importance of a trusted piece of luggage and are committed to adding life to any item. Stop into our shop and see what we can do for your valued travel companion.

Fixing the small and large

Structural and aesthetic issues of all natures can be addressed adding many more years of travel to any piece. We are well equipped to fix any hole or surface damage issue that decreases the function or look of a bag.


Major breaks or tears can affect your piece of luggage, hindering its use as a whole. Broken handles and zippers can be quite a pain, particularly on the road; thankfully, our team can tackle all of these problems.

Luggage that lasts longer

Get your luggage working and looking better than ever

Different types of luggages